People who use The Clothing Exchange’s online swapping service are lovely human beings who exhibit sustainable, planet-saving behaviour and have great style to boot. However, even with such attributes, sometimes people disagree. If, for example, you believe the item you have received is not in the condition it was described; you are experiencing long delays in correspondence about a swap; or your item does not arrive, here’s what to do:

  • Contact the user via the online messaging service to try to resolve the issue. Be your usual polite self and things will likely work themselves out
  • If getting in touch with the user doesn’t resolve the issue, get their attention by informing them that you intend to submit a dispute resolution.
  • Fill in this form with a clear and concise description of the problem and we will try to find a way to help. When you do this, please remember to include the Transaction ID for the exchange in question, which you will find on your ‘Swap History’ page.

You can also use this form to get in touch if you need us to credit buttons back following a resolution with the other user. To prevent disputes from occurring, please ensure you read the HOW IT WORKS page to listing and describing your items.

Report dispute