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What is The Clothing Exchange?
The Clothing Exchange is an organisation that facilitates clothes swapping – the exchange of garments that are no longer wanted between participants at physical swap events and via an online network of swappers who are registered with this website.


Who runs The Clothing Exchange?
The Clothing Exchange is run by a small dedicated team headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, where the organisation was founded by Kate Luckins in 2004. Hosts for The Clothing Exchange events are also present in other locations around Australia.

Why should I register with The Clothing Exchange?
If you register with The Clothing Exchange you will be a part of a network of swappers that has the capacity to become global. Only by registering will you be able to swap your clothes with others in this network.
Members will also receive a newsletter with our latest news and details of our events across Australia.

How do I de-register or unsubscribe?
To unsubscribe from our emails, just click the unsubscribe link in the email footer.
To de-register from The Clothing  Exchange site, simply send us an email stating that you would like to be removed from the database and swapping network.

If I register, will my privacy be compromised?
We take your concerns about privacy very seriously and have strict procedures in place to protect your personal information and ensure it is handled in a responsible manner.
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions for The Clothing Exchange’s online swapping service you grant us access to certain types of information that are required for interaction with the site and for transactions to take place. For more information on Privacy, see the Terms & Conditions.


How do I upload an item?
First you must register for an account, and create your profile. Following your registration, you can upload items in the My Wardrobe tab. Click the Add Garment button and enter the details of the item in the fields provided, upload 1 – 9 photos of the item, and click Save. Your item will then show up in your Wardrobe under Listed, and it will be searchable to other users in the Swap Shop. To see a tutorial explaining how to list items and manage your online wardrobe, click here

I have uploaded an item and now I want to change the details of the listing / change or add pictures. Can I do this?
Yes, you can. Just go to My Wardrobe, and click on the item you want to change in the Listed tab. This will bring up the details of the item and you may change whatever you like, and then hit Save.

Can I use pictures from Instagram or another smartphone camera app?
Absolutely! Just be careful using filters and other photo enhancement techniques as it may alter the way the colours of the item appear. If you are using an app, it is best to not use a filter so that the item is realistically represented in the images in the Swap Shop, and there are no surprises when the item is delivered!

How long does an item stay listed?
Item listings last for 30 days. After this an item may be removed or relisted at the standard listing price of $1 (plus GST for AU users).

What happens if no one wants my item?
If your item has not received any swap requests, or been purchased with another users buttons after 25 days, you will receive an email detailing your options. These options include relisting the item for the standard cost of $1 (plus GST for AU users) , putting your item on Sale – which will reduce the button price of the item to one button., or doing nothing – which will mean your listing will lapse at the end of the 30 day period.

How do I relist an item that hasn’t been ‘purchased’ or swapped?
You will receive an email reminder regarding the relisting of your item 5 days before the listing ends. If you neglect to relist the item or put it on sale and the listing lapses, you may still relist it at any time, as the item will show up in your Wardrobe under Lapsed Items. Just click on the item and check the ‘Relist’ box. You will be able to change any fields that you like, including the button price, and add new photos if you wish.


I want to ask a question about an item, how can I go about this?
You must be registered and logged in to ask a question about an item. Once you are logged in, simply go to that button and click on the message button (the envelope).

Another user has not responded to my question / swap request ? What can I do?
You may have to be patient! An online swapping platform lends the ability for swapping to be a much more leisurely affair than it is at physical swap events, and users may have other priorities, and things going on in their life that are preventing them from responding to messages and swap requests promptly. If you feel that you sufficient time has passed that you should have received a response, you can contact us and we will help you sort things out.


What are virtual buttons?
‘Buttons’ are The Clothing Exchange’s virtual ‘currency’, both on The Clothing Exchange website and at our swap events. Online, when you list an item, you are required to determine a button value for the garment, from 1 – 5, depending on the quality, uniqueness and value of the item – the button price that you set is completely up to you. For another user to ‘purchase’ your item (as opposed to swapping it with one of their items) they will need to have enough buttons to do so. The buttons will then become yours, to ‘spend’ as you like within the Swap Shop.

Can I redeem my buttons for money?
Virtual buttons are credits which members receive from other members in exchange for a listed item. These credits can be used to ‘purchase’ other members’ items on the site. The buttons do not have any actual monetary value and cannot be redeemed for money, nor used on any online platform other than www.clothingexchange.com.au.

I don’t have enough buttons for the item that I want, how do I get more?
You can only get additional buttons by having one of your items purchased by another user. If someone takes you r item, you will receive the credit value that you assigned to that item when you listed it, unless it has been put in the sale, in which case you will receive the sale price of just one button.

Is there a time limit to spend my credits?


Why do I need to add my credit card details?
Although swapping saves you money, The Clothing Exchange still needs to charge some small transaction fees, to cover our own costs. These will be deducted from your credit card automatically and you will receive a weekly account activity invoice detailing these fees.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards for our swap facilitation fees.
When paying postage costs to another user, Paypal and direct bank deposits are the accepted methods of payment.

What am I charged for and why?
There are two charges that you will incur while you are swapping with The Clothing Exchange.

Listing charge: your credit card will be debited $1.00* for each item you list. This charge is in place as a kind of quality control, so that items that people value, and not just ‘any old thing’ are listed in our Swap Shop.

Swap facilitation fee: when you a) ‘buy’ an item with your buttons or b) swap an item with another user, your credit card will be debited a swap facilitation fee of $5.00*. You do not pay this fee when an item is ‘bought' from you with another user's buttons. This fee covers our overheads and will help us to make a small profit so that we can run bigger and better events and continue to seek collaborations and opportunities to make a difference in the sphere of sustainable fashion.

*All amounts are in Australian dollars. Our Australian swappers will also be charged GST on top of their transaction fees.

Does The Clothing Exchange make a profit?
Hopefully, yes! We are a small business and like any other, we have overheads, staff wages and others costs to cover, like the development of an online swapping platform! Any profits that The Clothing Exchange makes will help us to run bigger and better events, to optimise our online swapping platform, and to seek collaborations and opportunities to make a difference in the sphere of sustainable fashion.


Which delivery methods are available?
Users may choose whichever method of delivery they like (hand delivered, organising a pick up location, regular post, courier, etc).
For a swap or purchase where the other member lives nearby, you may choose to meet up to exchange items and save the shipping costs.
You may also request for your delivery to be sent via registered post, provided you are willing to pay the extra cost.

How much does delivery cost?
Delivery costs are specified by each user for each specific item that they list on the site. Prices will vary depending on the size and weight of the item and the location of the sender and recipient.

What are the standard costs of sending items in Australia?
In Australia, parcels up to 500 grams cost $6.95 to deliver anywhere in the country.
Over 500 grams cost $8.95 for destination in the same state, and $11.45 for interstate destinations, plus a distance charge per kilo. If you are unsure how much to charge or pay for postage, take a look at Australia Post's postage calculator or their downloadable guides.
Alternatively, prepaid parcel post satchels have a standard cost Australia wide: $8.25 for parcels up to 500 gms, and $13.40 for up to 3 kg parcels.

What countries is The Clothing Exchange’s online swapping available to?
Every country! With the incarnation of online swapping, The Clothing Exchange has the potential to become global. Please keep this in mind when listing your shipping prices, by noting ‘Contact me for international shipping rates’ or ‘ships within Australia only’.

How do I calculate international shipping charges?
Visit Australia Post or your local provider for more information on calculating international shipping charges.


I have received an item that I swapped or purchased from another user and it does not match the quality of its description, what can I do about this?
We encourage users to describe items as accurately as possible, upload lots of photos and disclose any details of faults or wear. It is up to you to be aware of what you are swapping or purchasing – if you have any questions about the item, please ask them first to save yourself any disputes.
If you have received an item that has a fault that you were not aware of, that is different from the picture that was supposed to represent said item or that is substandard in some other way, please first get in touch with the other user by sending them a message on the site. If you cannot come to an agreement on how to resolve the situation, you may lodge a dispute via our online form, and we will see what we can do to help sort things out.

I made a mistake with my swap / purchase and I no longer want the item. Can I cancel or reverse the transaction?
All swaps are final! The Clothing Exchange does not have a cooling off period and we do not require that users have a returns or cancellation policy. Once you have agreed to the swap and confirmed it, it’s up to you to go ahead with it. Choosing not to could mean you will be given negative feedback, and ongoing bad behaviour may result in your account being suspended.

I changed my mind about an item that I listed and I want to keep it. Can I remove the listing?
Yes, so long as you have not accepted a swap request and confirmed the swap, and the item has not been purchase by another user, you may delete the listing by clicking on the item in your Wardrobe and checking the Delete box.
To prevent any heartache, please ensure that you are emotionally detached from the items that you lit to swap, and that they are in fact yours to swap. If you are not sure about an item, put it aside to list later when you are sure that you are willing to part with it.

I would like to report a post as innapropriate or offensive. How do I do this?
If you have seen something on our site that you find offensive or innapropriate, we want to know about it! Please alert us to the problem via the contact form, and we will assess the content in question and do our best to sort out the problem. 



Do I have to be 18 and over to come to a swap event?
Most of our events are all ages, however there will be occasions where they are held in venues that serve alcohol. In these cases, it will be up to the discretion of the venue and the terms of their licence as to whether minors are allowed to attend the event to swap only.

What if I bring more than six items?
We advertise that you can bring up to 6 items to the majority of our swap events. If you bring more than 6 items, only 6 will be accepted to go on the racks for swapping. With any surplus items, you will be asked if you would like to hold on to them for next time, or if you would like The Clothing Exchange to donate them to one of our charity partners on your behalf.